Say bye bye to mosquito bites!


V1.0 Mosquito Trap


We fight bugs…

My Mosquiteer uses an attractant and LED lights to attract and kill mosquitos, fruit flies, gnats, flies and other annoying insects. 


Sleek, Stylish, Modern

  • My Mosquiteer is all natural - no pesticides, irritants, or harmful chemicals are used.
  • My Mosquiteer comes with two attractant kits. Each attractant kit will attract mosquitos for a month. No daily or weekly replenishing is needed.

  • My Mosquiteer works for up to a 1/3 rd of an acre radius - allowing you to sit back with ease, close or far from My Mosquiteer.

  • My Mosquiteer has a pleasing and versatile design. It can be hidden in bushes or placed on your kitchen counter or patio. Its simple and sophisticated design works with any setting.

  • My Mosquiteer will finish mosquitos, fruit-flies, gnats, and more!


We Fight Bugs...

My Mosquiteer + Mosquitos.png

Mosquitos are the deadliest animals on planet Earth- they kill hundreds of thousands of people each year by transmitting deadly diseases with each bite. This includes diseases such as Zika, malaria, West Nile virus, and dengue. My Mosquiteer was born out of necessity to protect your family and people you love from getting these terrible diseases.

My Mosquiteer works by capturing and eliminating mosquitos which reduces their population and their chances to transmit diseases in large scales to humans. 

My Mosquiteer will finish mosquitos, fruit flies, and gnats and protect you and your family from all sorts of other critters. Set up your own Mosquiteer and see how hard it fights