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Eco-friendly and portable mosquito trap to control mosquito and fly populations.

Fight Mosquitos With Us

My Mosquiteer Best Electric Mosquito Killer

Mosquitos spread disease

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Designed to travel

all-natural & DEET-free mosquito control

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Environmentally friendly packaging

Make you own Attractant!

Make your own refills!

You can buy ours that is tested and ready to go or make your own by following this recipe:


1. Water (5cc).

2. Sugar, 3 teaspoons. Any sugar will do.

3. Active Yeast, a pinch is enough, it will reproduce itself. Important! it has to be active yeast, the instant ones (Sodium Bicarbonate) won't work

4. Container: you can reuse the same container that the kit is coming with.


1. In a small container mix 5CC of water with 3 teaspoons of sugar and add a pich of active yeast.

2. The more viscous the better to prevent spills.

3. Place inside the mosquito trap.

4. Replace as needed and enjoy the outside without mosquitoes.


A pinch = 1/16 teaspoon.